All Systems Ergo Podcast

Published on 23 February 2024

All Systems Ergo, see’s human factors specialists from around the world share their experience of incorporating human factors into their field of work and the impact it has had to support patient outcomes and improve care.

Hosted by Fran Ives, Chartered Human Factors Specialist, our bi-weekly podcast will discuss a number of key human factors topics including transportation, patient safety and product design, as well as personal stories of industry professionals’ inspiring career journeys.

Season 2

In this episode, I welcome back Lauren Morgan who is also joined by Joe McCloud and Pete Jeffries from Shrewsbury and Telford NHS Trust. They give an honest account of the long road to creating an HF post within the Trust including chance conversations, patience and persistence! They were finally successful and welcomed Sharon Beza into post – Sharon sadly couldn’t join us for the podcast recording but her work in the Trust is recognised during the episode!

Lauren Morgan nearly had a career in aeronautical engineering, however, a chance conversation led her into Human Factors. The passion that Lauren has for HF is clear as she talks about her work in academia, NHS organisations and running her own consultancy business.

Laura Pickup started life as a Physiotherapist before discovering the world of Human Factors. Following a PhD in HF, Laura entered the world of rail where she gained a number of valuable years of experience before returning to healthcare.

Resources that Laura mentions include:

Human Factors Methods A Practical Guide for Engineering and Design By ⁠Neville A. Stanton⁠, ⁠et al

Paul Stretton is an academic, a trainer, author and speaker. He has a wealth of experience working in high risk industries and is a specialist in applying complexity science and new views of safety to shape organisation culture and performance. Paul developed an interest in healthcare and works for the consultancy MedLed. We explore how Paul’s experience of other industries contributes to his healthcare work and what it’s like to work for a consultancy and therefore experience a variety of different healthcare organisations.

Evi Carman and Guilia Miles work together as Human Factors Specialists at Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust. They are one of the very few NHS Trusts in the UK to have more than one HF Specialist. They talk about the work they get involved in, the role of HF Fellows and their plans for the future.

Tracey Herlihey is Head of Patient Safety Incident Response Policy at NHS England. She talks to Fran Ives about her Human Factors career during which she has spent time in Canada, at Health Services Safety Investigation Body and her involvement with the Patient Safety Incident Response Framework.

Season 1

Fran Ives talks to Jon Mason who is a Senior Usability Designer at Phillips and he talks about the application of Human Factors and Ergonomics into the design of range of equipment found both in homes and hospitals.  Jon also gives some good advice to innovators and smaller companies about how to apply Human Factors without the benefit of an embedded team.

In this episode, Fran Ives talks to Dr Neil Spenceley, Clinical Director, Royal Hospital for Children, Glasgow and Dr Carl Horsley an Intensivist working at Middlemore Hospital in Aukland, New Zealand.   Neil and Carl talk about incorporating Human Factors into their every day clinical work, how they do it and why they are so passionate about the science.

In this episode, Fran Ives speaks to Jane Higgs and Siobhan Burns about their transition into Human Factors as a second career.  Jane is currently a PhD student at Loughborough University and moved into Human Factors following a career as a librarian.  Siobhan Burns is an Ergonomics and Human Factors Adviser at University Hospitals Birmingham and started her career as a Healthcare Assistant before moving to Manual Handling Training and then Human Factors.

Hear their experiences, what their university courses did and didn’t prepare them for and listen to the utter passion they have for the science!

Fran Ives speaks with Pascale Carayon, a Professor in Industrial and Systems Engineering at the University of Wisconsin Madison. Pascale talks about her vision for the SEIPS (System Engineering Initiative for Patient Safety) framework, which she has been working on for many years.

During the conversation, Pascale gives some valuable advice to those who are new to using SEIPS such as focussing on the interactions between the elements of the model, such as the organisation, the task, and the tools. Future possible developments for the framework were considered such as making a connection between patient safety and well-being such as stress and burnout.

Fran welcomes Ken Catchpole to the podcast to discuss the differences between the American and British healthcare systems and their effects on healthcare Human Factors. Ken has made an interesting journey from Human Factors consultancy in the UK to healthcare at Great Ormond Street Hospital and the University of Oxford before moving over to the US.

Fran and Ken discussed the differences between the US and the UK in terms of healthcare human factors integration, with both countries having a similar level of integration. They concluded their discussion with the importance of supporting Human Factors specialists in solo roles.

In this episode of All Systems Ergo, Chartered Human Factors Specialist Fran Ives speaks to Steve Tipper, a Chartered Human Factors Specialist working in the Patient Safety Team at University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust. The two explore what Human Factors integration into a healthcare organisation looks like.

Steve has over 25 years of experience in the NHS, having previously worked in operating theatres, resuscitation and simulation. He discusses how he made the move from operating theatres to being a Chartered Human Factors Specialist and provides his thoughts on the key areas in healthcare where applying Human Factors can make a real difference.

In this first episode of All Systems Ergo, Fran Ives talks to Steve Shorrock, a Chartered Psychologist and Chartered Ergonomics and Human Factors Specialist who has experience in the transportation industry. Steve discusses why it is important to integrate Human Factors into healthcare and what can be learned from his transportation experience. He believes that Human Factors should be integrated into all aspects of healthcare, from design to implementation and that Human Factors is essential for safety, efficiency, and effectiveness in healthcare.

Steve shared a personal story which led to Steve understanding the importance of Human Factors in healthcare and has driven his passion.  He feels it is the most important sector to get right from a Human Factors and safety point of view.


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