Health Innovation West Midlands (HIWM) is returning, Friday 23rd February, with a second season of its podcast, All Systems Ergo.  

Building on the success of season one, host Fran Ives, Chartered Human Factors Specialist, continues her deep dive into the world of all things human factors to find out how adopting the latest processes and thinking can help key areas of healthcare. 

Joining her on each episode are international human factors experts, sharing their personal experiences and knowledge of incorporating these processes into their field of work.  

Kicking off the second season, is Tracey Herlihey discussing her extensive human factors experience both in Canada and the UK.  She talks about her varied role applying human factors in remote areas in Canada, supporting the set-up of Health Services Safety Investigations Body (HSSIB, formally HSIB) in the UK and her involvement in the newly launched Patient Safety Incident Response Framework (PSIRF). 

With new episodes released fortnightly, starting Friday 23rd February, Fran will be joined by guests including:  

  • Paul Stretton – an academic, trainer, author and speaker who supports organisations in high risk industries in their approaches to safety. 
  • Lauren Morgan – a human factors specialist who has extensive healthcare experience across a number of organisations. 
  • Laura Pickup – a specialist who has made the journey from physiotherapy to human factors in the rail industry and then back into healthcare. 

Fran Ives, Chartered Human Factors Specialist and host of All Systems Ergo, said: “Following a very successful first season I am now looking forward to bringing in even more experts to learn from.” 

“We hope that All Systems Ergo will continue to grow and allow us to share more inspirational stories. Our work is highlighting the importance of human factors in all sectors but of course particularly so in healthcare. More people are realising the value of working with people’s abilities in mind to minimise human limitations and shortcomings and improve patient and care outcomes. 

“As the conversations around human factors continue to grow, we hope All Systems Ergo will shine a light on the leading voices and inspire others to integrate human factors in their work.”  

The second season of All Systems Ergo will be available on Spotify and Amazon Music, from Friday 23rd February, with a new episode released fortnightly.  

To find out more about HIWM and All Systems Ergo, please click here.