Case Study: Upskilling proffesionals for adoption of innovation in healthcare settings (the UP-RAIHSE programme)


What is the UP-rAIHSe Programme?

UP-rAIHSe helps professionals increase their ability to lead innovation within their own organisations, working from the inside to drive change.

Through online training, the UP-rAIHSe course increases the skills of professionals, so they can facilitate rapid adoption of demand-driven, digital innovation within their daily work. Delivered by expert lecturers, the course covers innovation design, system change, innovative procurement and digital solution deployment.

What were the aims of the UP-rAIHSe Programme?

  • To upskill healthcare professionals in the adoption of innovation in healthcare settings
  • To connect local Trusts and innovators with international partners to share learning and best practice
  • Improve senior and board level understanding of the innovation adoption process

What did we do?

In September 2019, the HIWM formed a collaboration with partners across Europe to create the ground-breaking skills programme for healthcare leaders.

2019/20 was the first cohort of the UP-rAIHSe programme, developed by partners from Spain, Portugal and Sweden. The programme was originally scheduled to take place in venues across the UK, Spain and Sweden but the COVID-19 pandemic meant that the course was delivered virtually.

What were the outcomes?

Teams from Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust and University Hospitals Coventry & Warwickshire NHS Trust (UHCW) joined hospitals in Madrid, Valencia and Rome after being shortlisted to participate.

During the final seminar, teams were asked to present their journey from identifying the unmet need in their healthcare setting, to developing a successful solution. As a direct result of the UP-rAIHSe programme, Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust further developed the Hexitime innovation and went on to win two Meridian Awards in April 2021.