Case Study: Dignio

What is Dignio?

Dignio is a digital remote care solution and mobile app for the management of COVID-19 patients, which aims to improve the care of those self-isolating.

The app helps patients stay at home safely and avoid unnecessary admissions to hospital as well as alerting clinical staff of those more seriously ill who need
prompt admission.

What were the aims?

  • To successfully broker and onboard the use of Dignio monitoring to remotely manage patients in Dudley CCG.
  • To evaluate the process of monitoring the symptoms of COVID-19 patients remotely using Dignio.
  • Following successful evaluation, measure Dignio’s impact on getting people the right care at the right time, whilst also assessing the safety, pathway implementation, patient views and staff views.

What did we do?

We successfully formed a professional relationship with Dignio and Dudley CCG, to support the remote monitoring of patients in the region.

The technology was utilised by two provider sites, Pensnett Practice and Malling Health in Dudley CCG. HIWM provided support in evaluating the technology, looking at the effects of pathway changes, safer care and providing reassurance to patients, their families and clinical professionals.

What were the outcomes?

  • 202 patients were onboarded onto the platform, out of a target of 250. We devised a patient survey to analyse their experience against the evaluation criteria.
  • To date, 88 of the 189 pilot participants have completed the patient survey for further analysis giving a return rate of 46.56%.
  • A staff survey has been undertaken and of the estimated 30 team members who were involved in the pilot, we have received 9 surveys back to date, giving us a return rate of 30%.